Small Group Launch 2019 Interviews

What did early church gatherings look like? Did they meet in big public gatherings or in small groups at private homes? Did they have music and corporate prayer, or in-depth Bible study and personal prayer? It seems the early church had both! In Acts the disciples of Jesus meet in a variety of forums. The apostles met in the temple to publicly proclaim the gospel, in Synagogues for scripture reading and sermons, and in their homes to pray and talk about Jesus. 

At St Bart’s we continue this practice, meeting together in a variety of ways; one being Small Groups. We run 20 small groups across Toowoomba Monday through Friday. We have morning, afternoon, and evening groups. Groups for men, women, teens, mums, and mixed groups for everyone. We meet in each other’s homes or at church. While groups may look different, they all include time to socialise, study the Bible, and pray. We focus on the passage preached the previous Sunday to help you to get the most out of the sermon and the passage. Small Groups are a great way to get to know people and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Listen below to some stories from Small Groups or Click Here to find out more.