What Do I Say Next? Follow Up from Rory Shiner Events

After a friend has come along to an event or you have had a great Gospel conversation, it is easy to feel daunted by what to do or say next time you see them. Here are a couple of possible next steps you could take: 

  • Ask questions - What did you find most surprising about the talk? What other questions do you want answered? What assumptions did it challenge?

  • Listen - Listen and ask questions about your friend’s opinions. What are their thoughts on what is most important? Who do they think God is? Give them a chance to share and be heard.

  • Introduce your Christian friends to your non-Christian friends - This might look like having dinner together or going for a walk in a park together. It is a great way to show what it looks like to follow Jesus.

  • Return the favour - If someone really trusted you in coming along to an event (e.g., Public Lecture, Teaching Day or a Sunday service), be open to return the favour for something they are interested in. 

  • Invite - If they want to find out more about Jesus, invite them to come along to church with you or invite them to a 4-session course on Introducing Jesus. This is a great option if they are not sure what they think about Jesus and want to know more. It is a simple course that can be completed one-on-one or in a small group. You can register online, fill out a card at the Welcome Desk, or complete the enquiry form.

If learning more about how to run Introducing Jesus is something that also interests you, please let me know. 

We will be praying that through your follow up conversations and next steps as a Disciple Maker, that people would take a step closer to Jesus.