Children's Ministry Sessions (2017 Training Day)

Delivering Children's Ministry Intentionally

Are you new to Children’s ministry or have years of experience? Does the thought of leading singing, storytelling, running games, or teaching the Bible intrigue and scare you? Come along to this session on how to plan and deliver successful Children’s Ministry lessons that re ect the key principles of passion, organisation, and confidence. We will also look at how to modify and adapt space, behaviour, and resources to still teach your lesson in an engaging way. 

Making Memory Verses Memorable

Reading stories from the Bible is one thing, but committing God’s Word to memory is another! God wants us to hide his Word in our hearts, but some methods of committing verses to heart can be more successful than others. This interactive session will provide a range of tools to help children learn verses from the Bible. Participants will be engaged as they learn new ways that can be applied to teach memory verses from any book of the Bible.