As winter sets in, we'll be starting this new series exploring four very rare fruit: kindness, peace, patience, and self-control. Over four weeks (with hot food each Sunday), we'll be opening up the Bible to explore what it looks like to be fruitful in godly ways as we seek follow Jesus. But we don't just want to explore - we want to put these fruit into practice!

Three Ways to Get Involved

  1. 1000 Acts of Kindness Project (in the month of July): Do something kind for someone, write it on some of the paper supplied, hang it on the tree at church.
  2. Family Acts of Kindness Packs: St Bart's Kids want to make it easy for families to get practicing kindness, so they have produced packs of 30 cards (each with an act of kindness and a Bible verse). Order your pack for $5 on our website.
  3. Come along each Sunday: We'll be exploring each of the four fruit week-by-week (with sermons and a fantastic children's programme at 9.30AM). We'll also have some hot food between our morning services and after our evening service to keep us warm!


For each week, the following resources are available:

  • Audio of the Sermon (click on each sermon to access the sermon player)
  • Sermon Resources (includes sermon transcript, Small Group Questions, and 'Going Deeper' Resource)

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